Antena - 2009 - Yael Assaf


A video and music installation. The main theme of the project is the relationship between the individual and society, referring to the methods mass-media uses to transmit and communicate their messages. The work combines sound and visual elements to reflect and … Continue reading

Reconstructing Stevens - Van Gogh Museum - Yael Assaf

Re-Constructing Stevens

In this project at the Van Gogh museum, seven artists from different disciplines were invited to react on the work of the 19th century painter Alfred Stevens. His drawings portray women in their natural surroundings – mostly as part of … Continue reading

Rock n Robbikz - Yael Assaf

Rock n’ Robbiks

Rock n’ Robics is a project made for the Paradiso-Melkweg Production house. The idea was to create an aerobic workout based on Rock n’ Roll music and movements, designed for use at large-scale festivals. Yael Assaf and Yafit Taranto acted … Continue reading

Miss Bond - Yael Assaf

Miss Bond

Miss bond is a multi-disciplinary project developed with Paradiso-Melkweg Production house. The project was based on cover for songs from well-known films. Yael Assaf and Yafit Taranto created the video which included images of singer Yasmin Kedar placed over scenes … Continue reading

Galitta, 2010


The film was created as an introduction film for Galitta’s website. It was created from her drawings which were transformed into animations. The film was made in collaboration with Yafit Taranto.