Perculate Feelings - Yael Assaf

Percolate feelings

A video clip for the alternative-electro band TFT (Toy Fish Trap). The video was made with the support of Tent, Rotterdam and the Hangar, Barcelona.

Everyone has to get over his biography, 2008 - Yael Assaf

Everyone has to get over his biography

Graduation film GRA The film Everyone has to Get over his Biography is constructed of many layers, fragments woven into a collage, into a bigger image. Like a quilt where each piece is an entity in itself, yet when combined … Continue reading

Kip in Touch, 2009 - Yael Assaf

Kip in touch

A short film for the NPS micromovie project 2009. The NPS chose 7 artists to create a short film around the theme of “phoning in public spaces”. This short film, a collaboration with Yafit Taranto, sketches the tension between private … Continue reading

Way Out There - Yael Assaf

Way out there

The film is the result of a workshop given by the film maker Peter Porgacs ( The challenge was to create a work within a week, using and relating to ready-made footages provided by the film maker. It is the … Continue reading

Me, Me and Me, 2007 - Yael Assaf

Me, Me and Me

[html5video height=480 width=640 rawsrc=] A mid-year presentation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. A biographic description of an art student struggling with creation, inspiration and self-realization, featuring well known figures from the Rietveld Academy daily life.

I Only Like the Pink Ones, 2005 - Yael Assaf

I only like the pink one

An adaption of ‘Waiting for Godot’, by Samuel Beckett. A tale of a motionless journey and the endless walking in circles that ‘waiting’ is. A Collaboraion with Assaf Lavi and Anne-Friné Steiger.

Reflections - Yael Assaf


An exercise in reflection.

Mr Floppy - 2005 - Yael Assaf

Mr. Floppy

The work is an adaptation of Kafka’s short stopry ‘The Country Doctor’. -“ I was in great difficulty. An urgent journey was facing me. A seriously ill man was waiting for me in a village ten miles distant. A severe … Continue reading