Yael began her artistic journey by creating in the fields of fine arts and installations. She remains fascinated by the connection/tension/relationship between the human body and its surroundings. The installations were always based on real-time live actions.

Nest, 2004 - Yael Assaf


This work deals with the contradiction between essential values as – in/out, private/public, safe/dangerous, life/death. ‘Nest’ is the quest for a place which provides life, tenderness and protection in a reality that leaves no room for tenderness. The people are … Continue reading

Cell, 2003 - Yael Assaf


The work ‘Cell’ was created while attending the School of Visual Theater for the 2004 Israel Festival. Cell is a time-based real-time installation. It is composed of a container box that does not reveal its contents upon first glance. When … Continue reading