About Yael

When Yael was a little girl, she dreamt of becoming a secretary. Surrounded by colorful papers, pens, pencils and staplers, cutting and pasting her parents’ old newspapers and answering the phone (‘no, he is not here’), she discovered a world of magic and creation. She now still follows this dream, only under different titles.

About Yael, through the words and eyes of others:


Yael Assaf thinks in film and knows how to translate these thoughts into pure cinema. This hybrid endeavor has not overwhelmed her, on the contrary, and hopefully given her the self confidence to continue surprising audiences with more seemingly unfeasible films.

Albert Wulffers, filmmaker and teacher GRA.


Yael makes films, films of very high quality, films made with a craftsmanship that is seldom encountered these days. She experiments with the story and with the shape of the image.

She tells her story with a very unique film form, abstracted shapes, documented film material with real images from the past and acting footage from the present, combined  with animation techniques that describe the future, the dream.


A filmmaker who truly masters her skill, she creates the most wonderful and beautiful films with a kind of ease. Psychedelic films, that transport the viewer to other spheres, like a drug. Dreamy images, mixed with stop motion animations with are then alternated with slow motion super-8 footage of youth memories, all this mounted with a very particular style to create her story.

Her subjects are her life experiences, emotions and questions, she makes herself vulnerable and it lets so much in.

Her surroundings are her script.

Poetic gold on film is what she makes.

Harry Heynik, Artist, EEA European Exchange Academy, teacher GRA.



We will hear more from Yael Assaf. Her short film ‘Everyone…” makes strong use of old home movies. One cannot deny talent.

Quit from ‘Het Parool’, Dutch newspaper.


De winnaar van de TENT. Academy Awards 2008 is Yael Assaf. Dutch is not your native language so let me give you a brief summery of the Jury’s reasons to choose you as tonight’s winner: we like your work for the splendid combination of abstraction and originality, for the bright ideas and the virtuosity in your play with style. Your work is strong because you skillfully use the power of the moving image and the possibility of the audiovisual medium. Congratulations!

Jury report, Tent, Academy Award 2008


Yael has developed into an exceptional artist with a deep understanding of feeling and direction in her work, mindfully conscious of the role art plays in society.

Her work expresses an emotional impact, while maintaining a sensitive and self-conscious overview. This quality makes her films unique and has given her much acclaim as an upcoming audio-visual artist in the Netherlands. She is a hard worker with an abundant creativity.

Margriet Kruyver, Head of VAV department, GRA